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Send at least 0.1 BTC in one transaction, wait for confirmation then refresh this page. Your address is:

Redeeming chips

Confirm to save the token code voucher and redeem the chips after deposit. Enter your address below to change it into chips.

Minimum amount is 0.10002 BTC with 0.1 BTC increments.
Depositing 1.00024 BTC will result with 1.0 BTC funds.
Depositing 10.00048 BTC will result with 10.0 BTC funds.
Depositing 20.00096 BTC will result with 20.0 BTC funds.
For transactions under 20 BTC we require 1 confirmation. For higher amounts we require 6 confirmations.
Note: single confusion less than 0.1btc will be considered as donation.

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Session ends 7 days after it was started. Time remaining 167h 59min
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